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Is your team ready to take the step up to even greater productivity, efficiency and quality?

AudioWatch is here now and can help your team achieve their goals sooner than you think.

AudioWatch is a cost effective, Windows based call recording technology for call centres. Used in conjunction with the integrated Evaluation, Call Assessment and Coaching module, AudioWatch provides objective evaluation, focused coaching, reinforcement of training and ongoing quality improvement.

Our Mi-Quality division has many years experience in Contact Centre Training and Consulting. This knowledge has enabled us to design a system that is powerful and flexible, yet is simple to use for non-technical Contact Centre staff.

Recording Calls

A simple to use scheduler module allows Supervisors and Managers to schedule staff for recording in 30 minute blocks. Agents can be scheduled for recording up to two weeks in advance, and repeating schedules are supported.

AudioWatch also includes a single click Record on Demand capability allowing agents to record difficult or malicious calls. This on demand recording feature can also be used by supervisors to instantly record any of their agents.

Call Evaluation and Coaching

The integrated evaluation module allows recorded calls to be evaluated against pre-determined competencies and behaviours. Users are able to create and customise the evaluation templates, however to help get you started we provide a library of over 400 behaviours and competencies with the system.

Reports at Agent, Team and Centre levels can be produced, in both tabular and graphical format.

Search and Retrieval

The powerful search feature enables recorded calls to be retrieved against a wide range of parameters including; Agent, Caller Line Id, RoD Reference, Time and Date Range and Queue and Call Type.

Archiving and Recording Management

The flexible , multi-routing archiving module enables archiving to suit each companies individual requirements. Recordings can be automatically deleted, or moved to an archive directory to be written to media of your choice.


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