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VoiceMessenger is a family of fully featured, PC based Voice Mail and Auto-Attendant systems. They meet the needs of the modern office by providing a quick and easy way to handle your voice messages.

You can record a distinctly different personal greeting message to be played for callers when you are on another call already (Busy), away from your desk for a moment (No Answer) or out of the office (Divert All Calls).

New Feature!  Now VoiceMessengerPlus now gives you the ability to receive your voicemail messages as email.  Manage your Messages in Outlook or your favorite email program!

Voice Mail and Auto Attendant for businesses with more demanding needs.  VoiceMessengerPlus also integrates with the optional VMDesktop module in the SuperDesk framework and you can listen to and manage your messages in Outlook.  VoiceMessenger is available in configurations from 4 lines through to 32 lines and more.

Unified Messenger brings together Voice Messages, Email and Fax, through your PC desktop or your telephone!

TCL have released Unified Messaging on our market-proven server platform that supports over 50,000 mailboxes in NZ. This exciting new product gives users voice, fax and email access through their Microsoft Outlook Inbox without the expense of Microsoft Exchange Server and licensing. Because our "TCL Unified Messenger" family will work directly with your MS Outlook (2000) client PCs, there is no need for a costly upgrade to Microsoft Exchange Server.

An open, scalable, modular approach allows you to add features such as advanced fax handling at a later date.


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