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Vocal VME Elite

The VME Elite is an advanced, solid state, flash memory Voice Mail Solution with a Unified Messaging option.

The VME Elite provides 500 Mailboxes, has a built in modem and Ethernet connection, and is available in 4 ports with 36 hours of memory or in 8 ports with 72 hours of memory (field upgradeable). This Flash memory based, Voice Mail/Automated Attendant Solution provides full software download capabilities and comes in a state-of-the-art 19-inch rack mountable case with optional wall mounting brackets.

The VME Elite has been designed and developed to accommodate the needs of medium to large sized businesses. Many aspects were considered:

  • Storage Capacity - from 36 to 72 Hours
  • Local/External notification - possible from all 8 ports
  • SMS notification possible via an additional GSM SMS unit
  • Maintenance - resulting in a built in modem, RS-232C connection; DTMF
  • Easy Personal Mailbox Maintenance resulting in an easy Personal Mailbox Management program via TCP/IP based network
  • Number of Mailboxes 500
  • Additions Unified Messaging and a GSM SMS unit

The VME Elite is based on the latest technology, supports a wide array of Voice Messaging Features, Automated Attendant Features, multiple concurrent language capabilities, off-site notification and fax tone detection.

Key Features:

  • Technology - Flash memory based with full SMT Production
  • Configuration:
    Basic - 4 ports, 36 hours memory, 500 Mailboxes and a built in modem and Ethernet connection Expansion Modules - 4 ports, 36 Hours Memory and/or Unified Messaging Maximum Configuration - 8 Ports, 500 Mailboxes, 72 hours of Memory, Unified Messaging Additional units GSM SMS unit
  • Full Software Download Capabilities - Flash Based EPROM
  • 19 inch rack mountable case
  • Wall Mounting Option



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