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Vocal Jr Voicemail & Auto Attendant

The Vocal Junior, a Voice Mail/Auto Attendant system, has been exclusively developed to accommodate the needs of companies in the SME arena. Specializing in tailored solutions for diverse markets, the Vocal Junior is able to provide all the required benefits to offices with up to 16-20 employees. Built on advanced technology, the Vocal Junior is not only cost effective but is very reliable and guarantees high performance.

The Vocal Junior has a fixed configuration of 2 ports, 48 mailboxes and 5 hours of memory. Simple to operate, the Vocal Junior can be either programmed by the user-friendly windows based Voice Mail Utility program (VUP), or by touch-tone telephone.

Main Features:

  • 48 Mailboxes
  • 5 hours memory
  • Message Delivery (Work Extension, Mobile, Home)
  • Message Notification (Pager, Message Waiting LED, Interrupted Dial Tone)
  • Call Recording (depends on PBX type)
  • Multilingual Option
  • Opening Greetings for Different Operating Modes: Day, Night, Holiday, Break
  • Programming: PC programming (using VUP), Touch-Tone Phone (using DTMF tones)
  • Integration with existing PBX: In-Band DTMF Integration, Out Band Serial Port RS-232 (SMDI) Integration



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