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Vocal Voicemail & Automated Attendant

The Vocal is a solid state, flash memory, feature rich voice mail solution. It is available in 2 or 4 ports, with 10 hours memory and provides 128 mailboxes. This multi-lingual Voice Mail/Auto Attendant System is an efficient, cost effective solution for medium to small sized businesses.

The great success of the Vocal is due the fact that 80% of today's businesses fall into the medium to small size category, meaning less than 40 employees. PC based Voice Mail Systems are expensive and far too complicated for such businesses therefore a cost effective solution was required. This is where the team stepped in and specifically developed the Vocal, a unique, reliable product, with no mechanical moving parts, for this niche in the market.

The Vocal is based on the latest cutting edge technology, including flash memory and digital signal processing (DSP). The Vocal supports a wide array of Voice Messaging Features, Auto Attendant Features, multiple concurrent language capabilities, off-site notification and fax tone detection. Simple to operate, the Vocal can be either programmed by the user friendly, windows based Voice Mail Utility Program, (VUP), or by any touch-tone telephone.

Combining its Voice Mail, Auto Attendant and System Administration Features, the Vocal offers all the advantages of a PC based system, but at an affordable price.

Main Features

  • 128 Mailboxes
  • 10 hours memory
  • Port expansion from 2 to 4 ports
  • Message Delivery (Work Extension, Mobile, Home)
  • Message Notification (Pager, Message Waiting LED, Interrupted Dial Tone)
  • Call Recording (depends on PBX type)
  • Multilingual Option
  • Opening Greetings for Different Operating Modes: Day, Night, Holiday, Break
  • Programming: PC programming (using VUP), Touch-Tone Phone (using DTMF tones)
  • Integration with existing PBX: In-Band DTMF Integration, Out Band Serial Port RS-232 (SMDI) Integration



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