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SuperQ is a powerful but easy to use Call Centre application designed and developed in New Zealand to service the Asia Pacific Region Call Centre market by utilising the latest standards in Computer Telephony Integration (CTI).

SuperQ is more than an Agent Window. In addition to what an agent sees on the screen, there are five other important Modules that make up the SuperQ Call Centre:

  1. IRM (Intelligent Routing Module)
  2. CSTA server
  3. Call Progression Module
  4. Supervisor Module
  5. Reporting Module

IRM (Intelligent Routing Module)

Before SuperQ, calls arriving at an organization were handled with equal urgency that is, they were generally queued in the order of arrival.

Most businesses get 80% of their business from 20% of their clients and want to quickly identify those clients for priority attention.

The SuperQ Intelligent Routing Module was developed to identify the calls and queue them selectively, based on criteria such as DDI, CLI, PIN Number, Product Number, IVR Selection, originating destination of the caller. The IRM can accommodate 32 queues with 9 priorities in each queue, providing 288 levels of call priority.

Today the motto is :- "All calls are equal but some are more equal than others"

CSTA server

The CSTA (Computer Supported Telephony Application) Server was developed by Talking Computers Ltd to communicate with the PABX, IRM and each Agent Telephone. Using the constant information stream generated by the PABX, the CSTA Server is a very sophisticated device capable of monitoring and managing all telephony functions within the Call Centre.

Call Progression Module (SuperQ Server Program)

The SuperQ server Call Progression Module determines the Agent(s) best suited to efficiently deal with the call (skills based routing) and presents it as an incoming call to those agents.

In a busy environment the caller will periodically be offered various options - such as conventional voice Messages for an Agent or Operator to act upon at a later time or Ringbak, a Talking Computers Ltd innovation, that allows callers to enter their telephone number and leave a brief message. Ringbak provides a point and click option for an operator to call them back.

When the Agent or Operator selects a call from the PC Screen of "SuperQ" they will, (if a database of clients is being used) - actually see and know who is calling before they speak to the caller (this is called "screen-pop") - or know what is expected of them when they speak.

For example "Welcome to Joe Blow Garden Services - how can we help"

On finishing the call the Agent will have a pre-set time to enter an activity code identifying the nature or reason for that call before taking the next call (this is called "WRAP-UP" time).

This Activity or Resolution Code for every call is reported upon and can provide valuable information as to the types of calls Agents are handling and at what times and in what volumes.


SuperQ Supervisors have access to a wide variety of Call Centre management tools. These include the ability to dynamically view the status of every Agent logged on and to monitor the number and type of call in each and every Queue. With this information, the Supervisor is able to change Agents from one queue to another as call traffic changes..

Reporting Module

All data is logged and available for the Report Generator to produce customised and "ad hoc" reports.

The Report Generator is extremely flexible and can provide reports:- by queue - by Agent - by Call Type - by Time of day/week/month etc

Even more impressive is the Graphical Module which can graph any Report into Line,Pie, 3D or other graphical image for use in final reports and can be exported to MS Word etc.

Combine these packages and SuperQ Supervisors can manage, view, report on and change all aspects of the Call Centre as they need to and on-the-fly.



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