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Want to improve Customer Service levels?
AudioWatch records selected calls and enables structured evaluation of the  conversation.    more..
SuperDesk enhances call handling
A wealth of modules allow you to handle calls, see other phone states at a glance and much more.    more..
Ensure callers get to the best agent fast.
Using SuperQ, our call centre solution you will measure enhanced customer service and improved staff moral.    more..
Vocal and VoiceMessenger
Our comprehensive range of voicemail solutions is one reason we are the leader in VoiceMail solutions.    more..

TCL’s products are "third wave" computer initiatives and third wave products succeed by creating more and larger markets through co-operation with other suppliers and through developing technology products which are fully compatible with industry standards and with high inter-operability. This protects the customer's investment by extending the life of applications, allowing incremental change rather than complete replacement, and providing portability to new computing / voice environments.


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