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HowTo..Re-record your Company Greeting

This note describes how to re-record the company greeting on Vocal & VME Voicemail Systems.


If you have a Vocal (or VocalJr, VME etc) you press 8 to delete voicemail messages.    (Otherwise click here)

First a few hints:

Hint: Print out this page first

Hint: If you turn on Night Service with a Key on your main phone, it may be an idea to simply re-record your night greeting and turn the system to night service for the holiday period, otherwise you may need to re-record both Day and Night Greetings)

Hint: Write down your current greeting and Greeting number so you will be able to re-record it accurately after the holiday.

Hint: Write down your Holiday Greeting before attempting to record it, it's much easier and sounds better.

How to:

Access your voicemail as usual and enter your password

Press 9  (you will then be transferred to the Auto Attendant) - Some sites may say "this system has not been programmed..." don't panic, that's normal, just continue to follow these notes.

Press *900 (you will then be asked for the password)

Enter supervisors password (We don't know what you may have changed it to but it starts life as 1234 - try that)

You will then be told the system version but given no further prompts.

Check the Greeting

Enter *101 then the Greeting number to re-record

00 is usually Day Greeting

10 is usually Night Greeting

The system will then play back the current recording.

To Re-record the Greeting

Enter *100 then the Greeting number to re-record

There are no further prompts - just record your message after the beep, press # to end your recording.

Hint: Remember to press # to end your recording, it is then saved automatically.

Hint: You can press *101 then Greeting number again to listen to what has been recorded.

Have a Happy Holiday






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