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HowTo..Change the Directory Listing

This note describes how to change the Directory Listing on VoiceMessenger v6 and upward.

Hint: Write down the new Directory Listing before attempting to record it, it's much easier to record it that way and it sounds better.

Hint: You should record the persons name before their extension number (eg "For Paul press 802"), it's much easier for callers to remember.

How to:

Dial voice mail from any phone as normal. (every company has a different number .. some common numbers to try are:  4, 5, 7, 77, 777, 888 or 9707 - or something else - otherwise ask your phone people)

Once it answers press # (you will then be asked for the mailbox number)

Enter the Supervisors mailbox number (usually the highest number in you extension number range - eg if your phone numbers go from 700 to 765 then the Supervisors Mailbox is usually 799)

Enter supervisors password (We don't know what you may have changed it to but it starts life as 1234 - try that)

Follow the system prompts: (if you get confused, hang-up and start again)

2 Supervisors options

1 Change Directory Listing

Enter the Directory number to re-record (Hint: Most sites use directory 1 ) then press #

Follow the prompts, it's just like re-recording your personal mailbox greeting.

Hint: Remember to press # to end your recording AND 3 to save

Hint: If you have followed these instructions and the Directory listing hasn't changeed then be aware that some sites use a Company Greeting to behave like a Directory Listing.  See the HowTo note about re-recording a Company Greeting.





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