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HowTo..Access Your Voicemailbox from outside your office

VoiceMessenger allows you to easily access you voicemail box from outside your office.  Maybe from another office in your company; from your cell phone while you are away from the office; a hotel room; or from home.  You can then listen to your messages or maybe change your recorded personal greeting. Here's how:

Access the voicemail system then press  #   you will be asked for your mailbox number (this is usually the same as your extension number) and password. It's that easy!

How can I access the voicemail system from (Home, my Cell Phone ...)?

Here are some options - choose the best for you:

  • Call your own DDI number, when the call goes to your voicemail message you can press #
  • If calls to your company's main number are answered by the Voicemail AutoAttendant you can then press #
  • Call, or get someone to transfer your call, to the voicemail system (every company has a different number .. some common numbers to try are:  4, 5, 7, 77, 777, 888 or 9707 - or something else - otherwise ask your phone people).

Remember - any time the voicemail is talking to you (even your own mailbox greeting) - simply press # enter your mailbox number and pasword.  Then it's just like you were in your office.





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