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HowTo.. Change your mailbox so you are only notified of new messages

The default setting is for your message wait notification (lamp or display or whatever) to be on if there are ANY messages in your mailbox (New or Saved).  This note describes how to change your mailbox so that you are only notified for NEW messages, not saved messages.
These instructions are for VoiceMessenger or VoiceBox Version 5

First a few hints:

Hint: Print out this page first

Hint: If you are uncertain of your current setting, you can still follow these instructions, you wont upset any settings.

How to:

Access your Voicemail Box as normal (as though you were checking your messages).

Once you have entered your password, Follow the system prompts: (if you get confused, hang-up and start again)

2 Mailbox options

7 Notification Options

2 Notify if New Messages Exist

The system will confirm the new setting and you may then hang-up.The changes will take effect within 10 to 15 seconds





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