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HowTo..Shutdown VoiceBox v5

This note describes how to shut down the Voice Mail System.
Select the AAVM task by clicking on the holding the <Alt> and pressing <Tab> until the DiaLecs AAVM programme is selected, release both keys.
Ensure that the system monitor task is displayed - this is a blue screen with 16 squares on it (labelled Task 1 to Task 16) - if it is not displayed then press <Alt><0> (this is they key with both ")" and "0" )
If the message "System in pause mode" is displayed in the bottom left corner of the display then press <Alt><P> The numbers on the screen will start changing.
Shut down each task in turn. Select task one using <Alt><F1> then <S> to shut-down the line between calls. You will then be returned to the blue screen. Repeat the process for the other lines (using <Alt><F2>..<F3> <F4> etc), until you have shut-down all tasks and they are INACTIVE
Shut down the system monitor press <Alt><x> then <Esc> to exit DiaLecs.
Shut down Windows95 by selecting "Start" then "Shut down" and selecting either "Shut down" or "Restart"





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