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Analog GSM Gateway (Entry Level)*

The CGW-TS is our Entry Level Analog GSM Cellular Gateway. It is our most economical, cost reduction cellular gateway. It includes 6 LEDs indicating status, easy to install and maintenance free.


Main Features

  • Integrated dual-band GSM module (900/1800, 850/1900 MHz)
  • 6 LEDs
    • Received signal level indicator
    • Operational status
    • Power indication
  • DTMF programming
    • Prefix blocking (up to 10 prefixes)
    • Conversation time-out
    • Reverse polarity signaling support
    • Audio volume control
  • Supports DTMF dialing
  • Line interface, 2-wire (RJ-11 connector)
  • External Aerial (3 Meter lead)
  • Plug & Play installation
  • High quality audio
  • Maintenance free
  • Fast ROI (Return On Investment)



* Note: Not to be connected directly to the Telecom Network




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