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Cellular Gateway Products

Cut your business phone bills

Our Cellular Gateways (sometimes called a CTU ) connect to your PBX, letting you call from any extension telephone directly to a mobile phone, taking advantage of special cellular business rates by using your own cellular network provider. This unbeatable connectivity solution can so drastically reduce your calling costs that you make a complete ROI (Return On Investment) in only a few months.

  • By dialing directly to a mobile number, or using Least Cost Routing (LCR), you bypass the landline carrier and eliminate unnecessary interconnection costs.
  • By using your own cellular network provider, you take advantage of VPN and discounted cellular call packages such as zero cost calls using Vodafone's talkZoneZero.


For your ISDN telephone system

CGW-I: BRI to GSM Cellular Gateway The most feature-rich, cost effective solution for business of all sizes for making calls to mobile phones. Especially suited where DDI calls are diverted to mobile. Available with 2 GSM channels. more..

For your analog telephone system

The lowest cost solution for calls to mobile phones.

CGW-T: Analog Trunk - GSM Cellular Gateway  more..

CGW-TS: Analog Trunk - GSM Entry-Level Cellular Gateway more..


* Note: Not to be connected directly to the Telecom Network



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Overviews of our Cellular Gateway products.

ISDN Trunk Gateway:


Analog Trunk Gateways:




PDF brochure of our Cellular Gateway products.



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